The whole year for this night…

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So we are here…

At the press centre less than two hours to go before the show! This is the most exciting time of the year for all of us and I have images in my head of the people that are not here in Baku making their way to friends’ houses for parties or Tesco’s to pick up a box of wine and nibbles to accompany them through the evening. Wherever you are tonight, enjoy the show and vote wisely!  I have had an absolute ball here in Baku and, despite the tiredness, enjoying every minute.  But I think you knew that..

We enjoyed a fantastic party at the Mirakel Hotel that apparently went on til 6am (so if Pasha Parforthecourse looks a bit tired tonight, that’s why). Thanks to Konstantin Ohr and his team for pulling off a great night at last minute. We popped into the club with no name and had an equally joyous time and failed miserably in avoiding the one manat vodkary shots.  So it was a very big edge that needed taking off this afternoon when we sampled the Eurovision vodkas at the Hilton 360 rotating bar. Is it a sign that we all chose Sweden?

Another dinner at the City Cafe in Fountain Square and we plucked up the courage to ask our favourite waiter to be in a photo with us! He was a bit puzzled as to why we wanted him to be in it. They’re a bit slow on the uptake here in Baku in these areas!  Now in the press centre which is heaving, these part timers eh?

I’ll not humiliate myself with a prediction here but I am joint in the lead with the napkin of doom which I think isn’t too bad for my first year!!

I’ll just say that it’s between Russia and Sweden but I’d love to think Spain will be up there too…

Watch out for Estonia

UK won’t do well from that draw I fear and there will be the usual bash the foreigners post mortem afterwards!

Looking at the voting order, Serbia will take an early lead only to be caught up by Sweden as the west and nordics vote and possibly then Russia will have a late rally?

Oh gosh, now I am excited people!

Rose needs a glass of rose but none available here, aaargh!!!



  1. Yeeeeessss. I am so, so happy that Sweden won. And almost equally as happy that the grannies didnt win.

    Bizarrely, as i type this Franko’s face has just appeared on the BBC news channel.

    One more comment, to my ears Pastora had, for a tiny millisecond, a wobble during the big note – was it on purpose?

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