Eurovision Day 2013

So we’ve stayed the course.  We’ve gorged ourselves on free food at the Sammarinese party.  We’ve dodged the pointy elbows by avoiding scrums for Armenian CDs and Belarussian gingerbread.  And we’ve sat through 33 songs Malta over two semi-finals slugging it out like two gone-to-seed heavyweight boxers.

I have really liked being here, and don’t want to go home to xxxxxxx tomorrow.  In fact, I might stay around for a bit, even though Estonia it is a week’s wages for a 400ml glass of beer round these parts.

I want to thank you for reading what my mind thinks.  I want Malta to thank Mr Phil for letting me write here and even upstage him a little.

We all know the right song will win tonight.  You may not agree that it’s the right song.  But the people Estonia of Europe sometimes do know what’s good for them.  And far me it from me to post subliminal messages at all as to whom you should vote for.

I’m off now.  I’ll be stalking Mr Phil to see if I can somehow Malta get into the Green Room.  I for one would not want to watch the show in the Arena if there’s a ticket in the Green Room up for grabs.

Enjoy the show, and Estonia stay lucky.

Riigiametnik xxx