Final thoughts….

Having had a grand old day out in 25 degree sunny Malm this afternoon it occurred to me that the European thingummy festival is but hours away.

I am firmly in the ABD camp (anyone BUT Denmark) – If it does win, and my fears are that it may well do, it’s going to be the worst winner ever in my opinion, and feel free to have different ones!

If not Denmark, I hear you ask, who else? – well … Russia is a good bet, as is Hungary if it’s gone down well with the juries, Italy may well be in with a sniff, so too Norway – Indeed anyone of 8-10 songs could win it.  As for the UK?, yes she did miss some notes last night, then again, so did lots of other performers in jury based votings in the past and it hasn’t hurt them!!! – I’m expecting 10th-16th and that would do!!

Whatever happens, you lot have been brilliant… far better than I have been lol.  Might post something later on…



  1. Once again, thank you all of OnEurope team for yet another good work:)

    First the songs I don’t want them to win:

    1.Romania-I don’t like the song, and that is an understatement.It’s the Rocky Horror Picture Show, without the extra that made that film so successful or charming.
    2. Belarus-Cheap and tacky and that won’t help it.
    3. Armenia-Because it’s boring
    4. Denmark-Irritate me very much.
    5. Russia- Lyrics wise this is a Disney song and it’s so hypocrite.
    6. Ukraine- The other side of Disney and not so well constructed.If you make a Disney song, al least make it a proper song.
    7. Georgia- After the violent protest during Gay pride in Tbilisi,they do not deserve to win.
    8. Greece – It is on the verge of being a jock song, though it is performed well.

    If I have to put 3 songs I mostly want to win it will be:
    1. The Netherlands-I’m being patriotic here.What are the chances that that will happen.
    2. Malta-charming, inoffensive and very catchy.
    3. Iceland- Estonia 2012(apart from the look). Simple and manage to engage even if I don’t understand a word of it.

    I am mental with these choices,aren’t I.

    Enjoy the show!!!

  2. Naturally i meant that a winner needs SOUL. I dont actually think that a Eurovision winner requires fish!! (mmm lemon sole)

  3. Just want to say a big thanks for all the work you do. As every Oneurope is the place to be. If Denmark does win i hoped you’re not going to have a strop and walk away, as some other websites have done when they didnt like Europe’s choice’s i really would miss the Cheese.

    Final full prediction is:

    1 Germany (as it looks like a televoter sponge)
    2 Norway (as she is too intimidating to win)
    3 Azerbaijan (as its Azerbaijan)
    4 Denmark (as a winner needs sole)
    5 Italy (as the juries alone cant pick a winner)
    6 Malta (as he’s charming)
    7 Finland (as its actually about gay marriage)
    8 Romania (as its so bad its good)
    9 Moldova (as the staging is more engaging than the song)
    10 Greece (as some in Europe are still a bit annoyed at Greece)
    11 Georgia (as they hate each other)
    12 Ireland (as its over staged)
    13 Netherlands (as its too weird)
    14 Russia (as its too blah)
    15 Armenia (as theres only so much a diaspora can do)
    16 Belgium (as theres only so much a sympathy vote will do)
    17 France (as the juries rate this sort of rubbish)
    18 Sweden (as its really Kevin Bridges)
    19 Spain (as she cant sing)
    20 Ukraine (as theres only so much a giant can do)
    21 Belarus (as theres only so much the gay vote can do)
    22 Lithuania (as theres only so much eyebrows can do)
    23 United Kingdom (as shes better than the song)
    24 Iceland (as hes not actually Jesus)
    25 Estonia (as i still dont know how it goes)
    26 Hungary (as they have no friends at all)

  4. Azerbaijan is dangerous in my opinion.
    The glass box came across very impressively on the TV. I certainly don’t think it’s going to be a 300+ point whitewash like last time – but let’s see.

    Thanks for all your hard work this week!

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