12 points to the….. bearded lady!


Aaaaaaaaargh!!!! I can’t predict anymore…. I’m done… Almost!

Another 6am drinking finish last night in a local gentlemen’s bar as two friends from London flew in unexpectedly and achieved tickets for the final. How fabulous. My voice is as raspy as all hell and I’m going to need paracetamol and beer ettes plus vino to get me through….

Netherlands and Austria giving Sanna a run for her money in the betting. I’m not sure Sanna will do as well as the betting suggests…. I’m hoping Austria will. There’s a real feeling of momentum behind Conchita and I hope we witness a bit of history tonight. Netherlands is sublime and I’m so pleased a country song might potentially win and the 60th anniversary show will be in Holland. Molly will have a great result for the UK and it will hopefully shut up all those nay sayers… SEND A GOOD SONG AND GET A GOOD RESULT!!

So to nail my cheap Union Jack t shirt to the flagpole I’m going to call the following top three…


with the rest of the top ten made up of


not necessarily in that order but I think it’s Vienna 2015…

Check back to see later how wrong I am.

Whatever happens enjoy the show and see you all soon!

Lots of love… I’m having a moment..

All the year for this night…. I am so happy to be here and so glad to love this contest so much. Xxx


  1. SO its all over, and even the Eftensmack…
    What a really good contest.
    I do wonder if certain countries will boycott or just sabre rattle. TBF I couldn’t give a flying ….

  2. The way in which the Netherlands came up on the rails totally caught me off-guard. I completely dismissed the song upon seeing the preview video, remembering how acts such as Texas Lightning underachieved with country in the past. I didn’t give it a prayer for qualification. And now look!

    It’s not about being the favourite song of everyone, but being the favourite song of enough people to secure 12 points. In a field of 26 songs it’s probably good enough for 10% of the televotes to be top of the pile, and that’s without considering the jury votes as well.

    I think Austria is the water-cooler moment, but would people vote for Conchita? I don’t see many 12s for Austria if any, I’m expecting a 4th-6th placing but can’t see it winning.

    This is an extremely exciting contest, nevertheless and I’m beside myself with excitement more than for many years. Rather than a parade of ex-USSR or Scandinavian countries in the running, we have a situation where two of the underachievers from the last 35 years, Netherlands and Austria, are in with a decent chance, along with a bit of home interest as well. I’ve seen on some forums dismissing the likelihood of no ex-USSR in the Top 5 as that hasn’t happened since 1998, apparently. Well, 5 of the 10 ex-USSR countries failed to qualify which is also unprecedented.

    Enjoy the evening! Sad to be watching it on my own, but there you go…

  3. I think it’s between UK,Hungary and Austria.
    If any of the above wins, I will be very happy.
    A Dutch win will be thrilling, but I think this will be too much to ask.

    Thank you for the fabulous work.
    Give my regards to Monty and tell him has done a fabulous job , too 🙂

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