Eurovision 2014: Monty & Jody give some final words

On Europe TV

You thought you were safe didn’t you. Didn’t you? I secretly caught up with Monty and Jody and got their unique views on what happened in an old warehouse on the outskirts of Copenhagen on 10 May 2014.

What are your views on what they say? Good or bad?

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  1. It felt to me as though this year’s contest had a bigger ‘buzz’ around it. The BBC will be pleased that an average of nearly 9 million viewers tuned in on BBC1, more than a million up on 2013. Tends to contradict all the claptrap we hear in the UK media about the contest losing its appeal and shedding viewers. It’s great news for the contest generally: people still love it in the UK and maybe, just maybe, will support Guy Freeman’s mission to send credible songs/singers.

    I don’t know about other OnEuropeans but I’m suffering terrible withdrawal symptoms having been entertained so well during this year’s Eurovision season. I’ve been watching the show again, frequently noticing stuff that didn’t come across last night, and scouring the internets for post-match analysis. Those around me just nod, knowingly, and give me that smile that says ‘you sad, sad, bastard’.

    • Sounds familiar 🙂 My wife for some reason couldn’t understand why I was watching the contest on the ORF website earlier today… ( to find out the Austrian commentator didn’t realise they’d won when the presenters announced it!)

      • Wives generally just don’t get it, do they? It’s quite testing being a straight Eurovision fan. Mine went out to Asda’s last night while I was watching…

        • Fab comments everyone, such passion for this contest we love. And thanks for taking the time to read our thoughts and endure our semi drunken videos. It really is exhausting being there for ten days but thoroughly rewarding! I always go a bit flat and quiet after the show so sorry for not replying here sooner…
          I did however return home to see my flatmates watching Conchita on repeat, they were so wowed by her.
          Plus I now understand the Greek result, the vocals were awful.
          Molly suffered from the draw didn’t she but certainly did us proud.
          The UK charts are full of the contest sings which surely is a wonderful achievement. I’m happy. If not a little raspy still. That Monty is properly sick.
          We will see you all from time to time during the off season and will be back to do it all over again in Vienna. Much love!

  2. Oh, and out of curiosity, I had a peak at Belarussian and Russian TV during the Austrian performance to see if they showed it all, which they obviously did. After the contest, Russian TV showed some sort of studio debate and while I don’t speak a single word Russian, it was clear to me that the debate got quite heated. Did they declare Eurovision to be the “hotbed of sodomy” here? I’m not sure, although I understand one of the people in Russia’s entourage (the guy with the tiny beard who sat next to the twin girls in the Green Room) said during the broadcast that “perhaps Russians should change their views on gay people”.

    • That’ll be Philipp Kirkorov (the guy with the beard) who was Russia’s entrant in 1995 with “Lullaby for Volcano” (yes, really). He’s also the author of the Russian song. It’s pleasing to hear that he has a more tolerant attitude than many in his country.

  3. Very pleased obviously with the Dutch result. Our best result since 1975 (amazingly, it’s the first time ever we came second) and it’s the first time since 1988/99 that we achieve back to back top ten positions. We hardly got any votes from the far (south) east of Europe, which indicates that this type of country/Americana music isn’t popular at all there. Some were a bit miffed at Belgium for giving us “only” 8 points.
    Only four juries gave us full marks (Hungary, Latvia, Norway, Poland – not our usual friends in Eurovision!) while we got most televotes in five countries (Estonia, Lithuania, Denmark, Iceland, Austria). Calm After The Storm is clearly very popular in the Nordic and Baltic countries, which we already saw in the iTunes charts in the days before the (semi) final. I have no idea why that is.

    A few other observations:
    – Austria were third in the Russian televote. So perhaps not all Russians were dismissive of Conchita’s message!
    – Georgia did not have a jury vote during the final. Why not?
    – EBU, please get rid of the algorithm which decides the order in which votes are announced. When I saw the running order and saw Slovenia last, I immediately thought Austria would win, as Slovenia usually gives a lot of points to the Austrians. You also know that countries that get 12 points from the first or second juries won’t win (like Russia, which got 12 and 10 points and were leading after two juries).
    – I think it’s sad that no attention whatsoever was given to the authors/composers of the winning song. They used to get a special award, didn’t they? They weren’t even mentioned when Conchita was on stage. Please give the authors/composers the credit they deserve!
    – Why the hell was the bit between the songs and voting so long? It seemed to me it was much longer thanin previous years. Why not have the 10 minute interval and then move on to the voting?
    – OnEurope was (again) the best and most informative Eurovision site, especially now that Keith Mills’ All Kinds of Everything is gone (and Eurovision Ireland is a bit too messy). I’d have preferred a few more videos, though, but watching a (semi) drunk Monty and Rosé to give their views before or after a (semi) final remains priceless. So thank you again for a great Eurovision season, see you next year somewhere near Vienna or Salzburg….

  4. Few more things:

    Austria win and Dutch 2nd place- both countries have no allies or a voting block and did extremely well outside their constituency. A good song combined with the good staging can do miracles for you.

    Romania- You don’t come back to Euroivision with an inferior song with a performance full of gimmicks.It just doesn’t work.

  5. I saw the final in a Dutch gay bar, on a big screen.
    The were 2 entries were the crowd went silence:The Dutch(obviously) and Austria. After the performances of both songs there was a big cheer in the bar.And when both entries got high marked, the crowd was cheering and clapping.

    Austria’s win is remarkable not only from how much point he/she got, but also from that it came from a rather early point in the running order.First half of the final may not be an obstacle when you have a good song that can connect with as much people that it can.And he/she even got points from places no one has expected.It seemed that a lot of people are suckers for a good James Bond song 🙂

    Austria’s win is the first to happen for a country doing the preview show in Amsterdam.So in a way, I can say I saw her live performing. She was good then and was good when it counted.He/she always held him/herself with dignity and was always charming.

    Azerbaijan & Greece – were under performing.Not getting even close to their usual top 10 position.

    Sweden-I wasn’t expecting them to do so well.Finishing 3rd is much more than I thought they deserved.

    U.K. – singing last has harmed them. More because they sang after Sam Marino, which sent most of the viewers for a toilet break.Most of them never have returned to listened to the song, which was quite good and well performed.

    Point of notice:Only the top 6 have passed the 100 points mark. Number 7(Russia-89 points) was 24 points behind Number 6(Ukraine-113 points). I think it has more to do with the number of countries participating than with anything else.

  6. As the stats become available on voting I’ve noticed something quite remarkable. In the second semi, the juries of both the UK and Ireland put Poland in last place. Meanwhile the televoters put them first! In Ireland this also happened in the Final (jury places Poland 26th, Irish voters 1st). I assume this is a diaspora phenomenon but I’ve never seen it quite this pronounced.

    Btw, brilliant show this year, good top 5 (all worthy). I also feel a bit sorry for Malta, and love the Finnish track. Netherlands in the iTunes top ten in UK. We love a bit of country!

    In other news: over a thousand Daily Telegraph readers think Europe is now overrun with sodomites and is going straight to hell. Also, a fake black beard, £1.16 on Amazon, has become an overnight best seller!

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