Cool Belgian Chic

Ooh you’ll like this! Well, I do anyway.

Loïc is doing contemporary dance to match his contemporary song. It’s all black and white, which some big block black graphics providing the only alternative to a pure white background. This can be a risk at Eurovision: remember how such a bright backdrop blanched poor Malena Ernman? But it works here.

There’s some almost self-conscious slow-mo movement going on times, and Loïc lays down in the middle for a bit of a rest before getting up (a little ungainly, if I’m honest, maybe they need to have a different camera cut here).

In the instrumental bit he’s doing some elementary mime pushing his face from side to side with his hands. I’m half expecting to see the ‘moving the palm up and down over the face, alternating from smiling to sad face’ movement, but smiling isn’t what Loïc does. And he does not smiling rather well.

He turns in a well-spun fast pirouette at one point and by the end all his dancers end up on the floor in perfect formation. He’s got a great voice, and has plenty of idiosyncrasies that make it distinctive too. This is absolutely working for me.

We don’t often see such a modern, fresh, simple presentation at Eurovision, there’s always a temptation to put in a ‘tried & tested’ showstopping moment like a striptease or quick change, so this is genuinely refreshing. This is what it’s all about. This was worth getting up for this morning.

Monty x