I’m in

Skeppsbron Stockholm i samband med Eurovision Song Contest 2016

Made it to the press centre just in time for – the break! Well done me. I’ve been having a lovely luncheon in the Gamla Stan in the sun; light. I was just about to leave when my lovely friend Betty called to offer me fika so off we went up the Västerlångsgatan. I have to say it was nice being outside. The press centre has a whiff of cabin fever about it.

I did catch Austria’s last go, and it looked very good actually. Much more connection with the camera and I’d say she’s back in it.

I’ve been invited to the Icelandic Embassy’s reception tomorrow afternoon, which is going to be in Björn Borg’s former home. Being a tennis fanatic as well as a Eurovision aficionado it will allow me to tick two of my boxes at the same time. It’s been a long time since I’ve double dropped.

Monty x