Last night’s social round-up


Well, a new site, folk! Darned gremlins, but thank goodness That Phil has us back up and running, eh? As previously indicated, I’m still at the hotel. Last night was a late one, thanks to the ESC Bubble team taking over Vodkabaren for schlager hits och klassiker until 3am. It’s the first proper night out since rehearsals began but I’m feeling every one of my middle-aged years today.

We started in EuroClub, finally a little bit lively with a decent enough crowd to fill a dance floor. We also had added Bulgarians with Poli and delegation in the house, bringing it down with a rendition of her song. Then Zoë from Austria walked in but promptly hid upstairs when her song was playing. Not sure what that says about her confidence versus Poli’s gusto throwing herself about with the rest of us. Danes too in the house. And bizarrely non-Eurovision karaoke! What’s all that about?

From there over to Vodkabaren, which previous visitors to Stockholm may know as Naglo of old. Some fine specimens of Sweden’s drinking culture on display there, but lots of great fun with Danny Lynch on the decks. (Does a disc jockey still have decks these days? On the iTunes at least.) Then home to bed at gone 4: you can see why I needed a breather this morning.

Stockholm BearsI’ve also discovered it’s the Stockholm Bears Weekend here this weekend, with a range of events and parties for the larger gentleman of a certain persuasion and his chums. I shan’t go into the details of how I found this out, or who from, but I do hope to find myself (further) in demand during this time… How will I fit it all in? Alongside the Eurovision, I mean.

Monty x