Monty’s last day in the bubble

Good morning Oneuropeans! It’s my last day in the bubble before I have to head home tomorrow. I feel quite sad as people are now starting to arrive in droves: this is the Eurovision experience I remember, it’s going to be difficult giving this up tomorrow.

I’ve tried to split my time here with work & leisure so have not seen most of the second rehearsals in favour of some time with friends and some of the city too. Yesterday I went to the Icelandic Ambassador’s reception for Greta Salome. It was a lovely do in the house Björn Borg used to live in on the waterfront in Ostermalm. Greta performed with her backing singers, doing a great solo violin piece first before her Eurovision song. I apologised afterwards for having got her sister drunk at the London party. We also chatted for ages to the lovely Julia Zemiro, the commentator for SBS in Australia.image

With non-accredited friends we popped to the Euro Fan Cafe to see Zoë from Austria’s meet & greet before a stroll through town and a rest ahead of EuroClub. I love this EuroClub venue! It’s a great place to party, which I did, dear reader, until 4am. It’s going to be difficult giving this up too. You’re stating to see who’s the regulars there: the Cypriots, of course, and the Danes appear to have taken up residence. The highlight of last night was a live set from Helena Paparizou which was fantastic. I’ve waited a long time to see her do Opa Opa live, and she did a killer bilingual Light In Arse Holes (I know, it’s Our Souls, but I never hear it like that). I’m pleased to report too that the EuroClub does a very passable pizza slice: I’m not sure what topping I had but it had walnuts on it. You don’t expect that at half past three, do you?

So back in the bubble today: Sweden and the Big 5, then the opening party. Last year I somehow managed to get into the artist reception; let’s see if I can go out with a bang tonight…