So…. That was exciting wasn’t it!!!


See, People say that the Eurovision is fixed and we can always tell who qualifiers??

Oh really now….. Greece have failed for the first time, as have Bosnia and Herzegovina which should come a shock to those people that know nothing about the contest.  Thankfully for us that have been here all week and those that have followed this contest, Greece’s messy on stage performance came across as just that, messy and although the Diaspora helped it to a degree, I fear that finally Europe realised that you can not put any old shite in ERT and call it “Greek” .  Bosnia, however, may have shocked some.  It had Croatia and Montenegro to help it but in truth the visual killed this song.  It could be a Balkan ballad too far and the ridiculous staging would not have helped.

Iceland has confounded and confused many people, not least of all James from Eurovision Ireland who believed in this song so much, as did the Icelandic delegation. I suspect, ultimately, that it was too dark a subject for a light entertainment show.

Finland’s blue reindeer suede romper suit really didn’t do it for me and her “brap brap” wasn’t in keeping with the contest.  My other worry about this song also came to fruition.  It was just not memorable enough in the final for it to do anything.

Montenegro ended up being shouty noise and Europe couldn’t vote for it.  Am sure it will have scored higher with the jurors than the televoters but even that wasn’t enough.

San Marino had failure written all the way through it and despite the “fans” asking for the disco mix (what?!) It turned into all shades of hell very quickly.  It looked ridiculous and was written very badly and got what it deserved.

Moldova’s Average A McAverage melted into obscurity and, whist it wasn’t bad… it wasn’t good enough either.

Estonia, it could be argued, could be the third biggest surprise of the evening.  Stig tried to keep his cool vibe throughout the song and Juri played up to that.  However he looked just the right side of murderous and the wrong side of cool for Europe to vote for this in droves.  Shame really because if you unwrap all of the bollocks and the stage show, this wasn’t a half bad song.

As for the qualifiers.  I am really happy for Czech Republic and Malta.  Two completely different songs that worked and connected in different ways.  Hungary may well have pushed Russia for winning that Semi with Armenia in close attendance as well.  Freddie nailed it and looked all over a winner compared to Russia’s Eurovision by Numbers approach.

So, tonight, another 18 songs get to sit in front of some jurors.  Who’s gonna win? – Who knows!!! – One thing is for certain, neither do you!!!!

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[…] So…. That was exciting wasn’t it!!! […]