Fingers in ears

Like every other Eurovision site, we're struggling to find much new to tell you about the next Contest. But that doesn't mean the Israeli government feels the same.

It's becoming a weekly thing now. One or other minister issues an off-the-cuff statement, seemingly aimed at making the European Broadcasting Union stop being so horrible and let them stage the show where they want, when they want and with who they want.

This week's rent-a-gob is Cultural Minister Miri Regev, who said on Thursday morning that if Israel can't host the Eurovision in Jerusalem next year, it should not host it at all.

His comments appear to be aimed at a two-week-old statement from the EBU who noted that the competition must take place in a city where everyone who wishes to join in, feels at liberty to do so.

In contrast, Communications Minister Ayoub Kara insists that there is no doubt Israel will host in 2019. "I want to make it clear here, the same way I made it clear to [host broadcaster] Kan, that the government — and myself personally — do not have any political designs on the competition," Kara said in a video message he posted on social media. "The Eurovision will be held in Israel. I will not let any official harm the manner in which the Eurovision is determined."

The EBU continues to discuss hosting for 2019. The requirements being a covered stadium (with around 10,000 seats), 3,000 hotel rooms and sound 24/7 public (or private alternative) transport.

We'll probably know more by September when the (Israeli) host city and dates are announced.


  1. Presumably the 3,000 hotel rooms are for delegations, EBU staff, and technical staff. More will be needed for the fans. The Pais Arena should be large enough. I’m thinking that the “sound 24/7 public transport” is an oblique reference to Shabbat. Shabbat could put a spanner in the works quite easily.

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