Pais Jerusalem Arena
A potential venue for the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest is the Paid Arena in Jerusalem

When Netta picked up her trophy on Saturday evening, she told the audience that she'd see them next year in Jerusalem. This morning, the mayor of Tel Aviv underlined this as he made it clear the city wasn't interested in hosting the event. Ron Huldai ruled out the possibility of bidding to take on the 2019 Contest, meaning the contest will take place in Jerusalem for the third time next May.

Dates remain up in the air. Various national holidays (2 May is Holocaust Memorial Day and 9 May is Independence Day) rule out an early May competition. The most likely weeks appear to be 12-18 or 21-25 May.

More unconfirmed rumours

As for venue, those who know about this kind of thing are tipping the Pais Jerusalem Arena. It opened in 2014 and has room for 15,000 (maybe slightly less with Eurovision in situ). The alternative is the 32,000-seater Teddy Stadium, though it would need a roof. The size and extra work potentially rules this one out.

The first names whispered to host include Dana International, Gal Gadot and Bar Rafaeli.

In other news, the Israeli Economic Minister has suggested the budget for next year will be around €28 million. The ultra-Orthodox community is said to have suggested it won't support rehearsals happening on Friday evening or Saturday afternoon. Public transport doesn't run in Jerusalem at this time, so the organisers will need to look into alternatives for the Contest.

More as and when we get it, but if you're determined to go, now is the time to hold hotels on a cancel free basis.


  1. I think anyone going should also be aware that they’ll learn a new meaning to the word security. Think long and hard before you invade the stage.

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