Week 6’s Round up… What the hell?

Well it’s the question the great unwashed will be asking. How did Tix win the Norwegian MGP? Along with several other vexing questions, so just what did happen over this Super Saturday weekend?


The simple answer is “Tix scored more televotes” … but it’s a touch more complex than that (though not that much more). A real life star scored more votes, 100,000 more, than a star that Eurovision fans think should have own … because they’ve heard of him.

Anyway, here it is, wings and all…


In what passed for a National final on Spanish TV, (reports say less than a million viewers bothered to watch), Blas Canto gets to sing Voy a Quedarme.


In an altogether different type of National Final (ie a brilliant one), there was no doubt which song the Finnish public wanted. Hard to argue when 54.3% of the televotes and the jury goes for you.


Melodifestivalen is still chugging along as you would expect. It’s Third Semi Final didn’t produce that much in ways of surprises with Charlotte Pirelli and Tusse getting through to the final.

No videos allowed, of course, so enjoy a MF Classic


Estonia had the second semi final with Six songs going through to the final, including the ridiculously handsome and talented Uku Suviste with this:


Portugal had a semi final of ten songs as well – five made it through and there’s news of what happens if anyone tests positive for COVID-19 before their big on-screen moment.