Slava Ukraini – Eurovision 2022 win for Ukraine

Press Conference Ukraine
Press Conference Ukraine
You already know this and I’m just taking care of the housekeeping really, so here is the result of the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest.

In the coming days, we’ll bring you buckets more analysis, an explanation of why your favourite didn’t win Eurovision, viewing figures and the various other fall-out stories from last night.

Thanks again for your support through the season – we never forget you have a choice!

01Czech RepublicWe Are Domi"Lights Off"English2238
03PortugalMaro"Saudade, saudade"English, Portuguese9207
04FinlandThe Rasmus"Jezebel"English2138
05SwitzerlandMarius Bear"Boys Do Cry"English1778
06FranceAlvan and Ahez"Fulenn"Breton2417
07NorwaySubwoolfer"Give That Wolf a Banana"English10182
08ArmeniaRosa Linn"Snap"English2061
09ItalyMahmood and Blanco"Brividi"Italian6268
10SpainChanel"SloMo"Spanish, English3459
11NetherlandsS10"De diepte"Dutch11171
12UkraineKalush Orchestra"Stefania" (Стефанія)Ukrainian1631
13GermanyMalik Harris"Rockstars"English256
14LithuaniaMonika Liu"Sentimentai"Lithuanian14128
15AzerbaijanNadir Rustamli"Fade to Black"English16106
16BelgiumJérémie Makiese"Miss You"English1964
17GreeceAmanda Georgiadi Tenfjord"Die Together"English8215
18IcelandSystur"Með hækkandi sól"Icelandic2320
19MoldovaZdob și Zdub and Advahov Brothers"Trenulețul"Romanian, English7253
20SwedenCornelia Jakobs"Hold Me Closer"English4438
21AustraliaSheldon Riley"Not the Same"English15125
22United KingdomSam Ryder"Space Man"English2466
24SerbiaKonstrakta"In corpore sano"Serbian, Latin5312

Image Credits: EBU / Andres Putting .

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1 month ago

Thanks for you and your team’s amazing work, as always