First results of Espain!

According to our Spanish correspondent Roy D Hacksaw, Benidorm Fest has become a major event in Spain. The festival has been covered extensively with pre-show news coverage, an opening ceremony, and various other programs.  All of that has been televised to fill airtime on a couple of nights in January and February!

Ruth Lorenzo and two other hosts presented a show that started very late in the evening and was supposed to last for two hours. I, though, didn’t believe that when I saw it in the schedules!  The qualifiers were chosen based on a combination of 50% “Professional” jury, 25% demographic jury, and 25% televoting. The four qualifiers have been decided and they are:

Te echo de -Noan462822966
Here to StaySofia Coll5830281163Q
Me vas a verMantra332540985
Bla bla blaMiss Caffeina6416251054Q
PrisioneroQuique Niza452016818
Sé quién soyAngy Fernández6240351372Q

It’ll go down like a cup of cold sick that the Televoting winner ended up not qualifying at all!

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