First Semi Final results from Portugal.

Festival da cancao 2020

Yes, I am playing catch-up because San Marino meant that I went to bed early rather than cover this – I know, I’m a bad fan.

However, having slept for a good amount of time means I can devote time to covering Festival Da Cancao.   This is, as usual, on TV later than the rest of the national final season because of the Iberian way, and that’s all good because they only have ten songs in their semi-final heats.

The usual mix of televote and jury got us the first five qualifiers with a second round of televoting giving us the sixth.   Those results? – oh go on then.

SongPerformer(s)1st Rd2nd Rd
Teorias da conspiraçãoNenaQ
Bem longe daquiPerpétuaQ
Afia a línguaMila Dores
Volto a tiLeft.
Pontos finaisRita RochaQ
...Pelas costurasJoão BorschQ
Casa portuguesaBispo


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