Latvia has decided who to send.

After last weekend’s fifteen-song semi-final which saw only five songs removed, thereby posing the question ” What’s the point?”, Latvian telly put on another edition of their final “Supernova” but, sadly for international viewers, no Riga Beaver but we had guest performances from Alika (Estonia 2023) and Gabrielius Vagelis who is, apparently, a Lithuanian singer so Wikipedia tells me.

The ten songs were then voted upon by the bergers of Latvia combined with the votes of a so-called “Professional” jury and the result ended up being as below.

Mind BreakerPapira Lidmašinas
The Cat's SongKatrina Gupalo3
Tick-TockSaint Levica
Rock n' Roll SupernovaEdvards Strazdinš
Na chystu voduFunkinbiz
For the ShowAlekss Silvers

Dons gets through – listen to the song why don’t ya!

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