Second Semi Final results from Portugal.

Festival da cancao 2020

After the First Semi-Final last week, it’s only natural that the second followed the first!  I appreciate that statement is nothing earth shattering but I didn’t see it (Cos I went to bed) so I’m catching up on the results

The usual mix of televote and jury got us the first five qualifiers, followed by a second televoter only round which gave us the sixth qualifier.

O farolBuba EspinhoQ
PrimaveraCristina ClaraQ
Doce mistérioLeo MiddeaQ
You Can't HideFilipa
Quarto para umJoão Couto
Pé de choroHuca
AceitarNo Maka feat. Ana MariaQ
DiaMaria João
CriaturaRita Onofreq
ChangeSilk NobreQ


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