Why your favourite finished where it did – Part 3 – 15th to 11th

Eurovision countdown

For Part Three – You can cover all of this lot with a blanket they were so close and it’s hard to say “So near and yet so far” five times without it sounding like I am lying – but I genuinely wouldn’t be.

15th – Austria – 120 Points

We all thought that juries would go for a song that tells the story of a songwriters battle with no money.  It did get 4 first place votes though, but again it just missed out in a majority of places. Televoters just didn’t get it.  I reckon the weak vocal compared to the preview video did for it.  Maybe if the girls attacked it more then they would have done better?

Average Jury Position – 11.270  Average Televoter Position – 15.917 (One last place)

14th – Armenia – 122 Points

To me, this is just a three minute whinge set to music.  That’s also what the televoters around Europe saw as well – I’m sure that they were secretly hoping she would fall off her massive stage accoutrement!  The jurors were more enamoured by the songwriting and it got four first place votes.  In news, they weren’t placed last by the televote or jury of Azerbaijan.  Second last… but not last.

Average Jury Position – 11.483  Average Televoter Position – 16.222 (Three last places)

13th – Croatia – 123 Points

This did pretty much as expected.  The juries panned it with twelve of them giving it the last place finish because they don’t like fun (cf Finland later).  Televoters, though, are drunk by now and voted for this in heavy enough numbers to negate the jury bias.

Average Jury Position – 19.494  Average Televoter Position – 10.333

12th – Cyprus – 126 Points

Not one Greek juror put this in their top 3, let alone top 1, and if your neighbour country jury isn’t giving you all it can, you know you are in trouble.  It did get two first place votes, from Poland of all places but, again, it just missed out on scoring more points.  Relatively merge televote pickings as well – this could be another candidate for accidental ” everyone else is going to vote for this cos its nice” and no bugger did.

Average Jury Position – 11.691  Average Televoter Position – 13.111

11th – Lithuania – 127 Points

Four sets of first place votes, including one from the UK, helped this to get a few big points but there were never enough decent positional rankings in order for this to do any more.  Diasporatastic televote though with Latvia, Ireland and the UK all giving it their 10 points.

Average Jury Position – 12.410  Average Televoter Position – 16.500 (Four last places)


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11 months ago

Another one in the category: were the juries doing their job properly? And the answer is no. TBH- the whole fun of the video just didn’t translate ro the stage. The whole perdormance was less eratic than it should have been.The message of the video didn’t get through to the televoters, who asked themeselves: who the hell is Edagr? and why these girls are singing about it?

You could hear the audience in the arena, gapping when Greece jury gave this only 4 points. Apparently this was a MF rejects and if this is the case , it only proves that Swedish songs don’t work when performed by someone who is not representing Sweden. But those arms and the whole appearance get the top mark.

Were the juries doing their job properly? – part 4(or maybe 5). This is a classic jury bait, especially with the live backing singers, but the juries were not taking any bite. It was a bit too middle of the road and people got a bit tired from the whole Lion King vibe.