Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 11 – Estonia

The Lucky One by Uku Suviste

There’ll be plenty of people thankful to see Uku back this year even without hearing him sing a note. He’s quite the dish and in his video we see him looking moody and smouldering, cavorting on the bed with a scantily clad woman. Despite their throes of passion, they proceed to have what appears to be the latest in a string of arguments. The same people happy to see him may be just as happy to see her walking out on him, and hope they might be in with a chance, but before we know it she’s back looking sheepish on the doorstep.

Although on the surface this could be just another woman storms out in fit of pique before begging to be taken back by man trope, lyrically Uku’s in more of a quandary as he realises, he’s the one who should be walking out on a relationship that is giving him little joy. Let’s hope he gets a bit of lead in his pencil and finds his mettle.

Musically this is all very pleasant, and it’s not without a chance to qualify, hut it has its work cut out for it, especially singing in second place. I feel it just may not have enough. Still, there’s Uku for us to ogle, so maybe it’s us viewers who are The Lucky Ones?

My points: 6 points

Will it qualify? Maybe. Maybe not.