Nick’s 2021 Eurovision Countdown – France

FRANCE – Barbara Pravi – Voila

Intimate and grand. Quiet and in-your-face. Low-key and melodramatic. Minimalist and enormous. Margo and Franck Ol… no, hang on, wrong script.

I think only France could possibly pull off something like this, and when they do, they pull it off very well indeed. I get the same sort of vibes I got from Patricia Kaas all those far too many, many years ago, and to this day I think she would probably have podiumed in a stronger line-up from a more favourable running order. Voila is the most perfect French word to use as a title in an international contest –

*glares at Portugal’s bizarre obsession with saudade*

– it’s a perfect title, because the whole world knows what Voila means, even if they don’t understand much else that’s being said.

There you go. That’s it. There you have it. That’s the review. This could very easily sneak through the gap and contend for top honours.

Nick’s score: 9/10