Nick’s 2021 Eurovision Countdown – Georgia

GEORGIA – Tornike Kipiani – You

When I hear that someone’s entered a song called You, naturally my first thought is “Oh, another one, I’ll add it to the pile”.

I’m not sure what else this one could be called though, and it’s really rather lovely. Ironic also, in that the Tornike from 2020, who was absolutely fuming with “You” for wanting him to be something entirely different, is now something entirely different and pining for the absent “You”.

Possibly he was wondering if he could continue last year’s theme by resenting the requirement to “start drinking pumpkin spice cappuccinos or work social media like he’s from San Marino”, and decided it wasn’t going to work.


As I was saying. This is an absolutely lovely little lullaby, and I usually get through it without accidentally starting to sing Memory from Cats instead, and I like it really rather a lot, and I will be disappointed and sad when it inevitably heads home after the semifinal.

Nick’s Score: 8/10