Nick’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Russia

RUSSIA – Manizha – Russian Woman

Popular 20th century British statesman Winston Churchill once described Russia as a riddle wrapped in a mystery inside an enigma. I prefer to think of them as Jim Bowen asking me a series of general knowledge questions when I’m a darts player. Either way, fathoming out what on earth they’re up to each year when March comes around is an endless source of baffling joy.

What I THINK they’re up to in 2021, is that for internal reasons best known to themselves they have absolutely no interest in taking the circus to Sochi or Moscow or St Petersburg or Perm in 2022. I have a pretty clear mental image by now of what Russia Trying To Win looks like, and it doesn’t look like this. An even half-decent Little Big attempt would, I think, be a big little favourite in the 2021 line-up. That’s presumably what we could have won.

What we’ve actually won is a thoroughly confusing jumble of concepts and images, wrapped in the vague idea of a feminist anthem, and aimed squarely and specifically at Mrs Olafova in Vladivostok because she belongs to the important female anglophone Russian demographic that obviously… can’t vote for it.

I’m baffled. Russia, you’ve baffled me again. Some years I more or less get what you’re trying to achieve. This year I don’t have a clue.

Nick’s Score: 4/10