Nick’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Serbia

SERBIA – Hurricane – LOCO LOCO

“The pop song, Olaf. The one with THREE girls. You seemed to especially enjoy that one, OLAF.”

I have a confession to make about Serbia, and really all of the former Yugoslav republics. For all that they tend to get the big results when they’re very serious and traditional (by which I mean “they can afford to buy a song from the Joksimovic catalogue – top 5 guaranteed or your money back!”), I’ve always thought of myself as enjoying them a lot more when they kick their shoes off and have a bit of fun with it.

It turns out that I wasn’t *quite* right about that either, because what I actually enjoy a lot more is when they used to buy songs from the Cvikic/Djumic catalogue in the 1980s. Looking back, their more recent attempts at a pop sound largely land on stony ground with me, and Serbia’s especially so.

This brings me on (eventually! Hurrah!) to LOCO LOCO, a song which instantly annoys me by being in all capital letters and messing up my neat and consistent filing system. That annoys me, but it won’t annoy Europe.

What might annoy Europe is a song with a Hispanic title and sound, and enough English bits to make you think “Ah, I’m pretty sure this IS in English… so why can I barely make out a word they’re singing?”. And then you belatedly realise that it isn’t in English at all, it’s in Serbian, mostly, and by then you’re so confused that you don’t even notice that they’ve dressed up for a night out in… a night out in… I honestly have no idea where they might be headed that those outfits would satisfy any kind of dress code, and it’s all just a very VERY confusing assault on the senses.

Oh well. They’re in the weak semifinal, and they’ve battered my poor 33-reviews-written brain into submission, and I’m pretty sure that at the very least Olaf Olafssen will be watching intently. So that’s something.

Nick’s Score: 6/10