Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 33 of 39 – Serbia


This song is nearly excellent. It has a banging great beefy introduction which leads into a regulation banger verse which despite being in Serbian is easy on the ear and is really quite pleasing, all going well so far you’d think – until you get to the chorus which is usually the important bit of a song because it has the hook in it. If the verses are the Fortnum and Mason of songwriting, then the chorus is the very definition of Tesco Value Range. 

It’s like the writers ploughed so much energy into the 2 verses that the chorus had no time or energy left. They are, seemingly, grotty little appendages to the decent verses and end up detracting me more than they should.

If you are going to hang your very votability on lyrics that repeat the same word three times and don’t actually mean anything, you’ve misjudged Europe big style.  

This had all the makings of a good song, indeed it still does, if you can look past the awful chorus. The band are going to be high energy on stage (as you need to be with a song like this otherwise it’s going to look ridiculous), but they don’t need to be too over the top. 

If *only* they had changed that chorus though, but it should still qualify out of its Semi Final. 

Phil’s Score – 5/10

Image Credits: Balkanita.

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1 year ago

The first word that comes to my mind when hearing the song and watching the video is TRASHY. That’s the feeling I am getting from this song. I have the same problem I had with their last year’s contribution. It lacks some energy to make it a song I want to vote for.That said, there is market for this kind of song