Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 13 – France

Voilà by Barbara Pravi

If you’re of the opinion that Eurovision entries have lost some of their national flavour, then this could be just what you’re looking for. With an evocation of Piaf, visually and musically, Barbara Pravi lays herself bare in this song of #OpeningUp, warts and all, to a potential partner. It could only be French.

The video, too, continues with a French cinematic feel, with some fantastically menacing contemporary dance. Four hooded figures follow Barbara down the aisle of a vintage train, darting in and out of the compartments. It looks terrific, and builds to a crescendo, Barbara’s vocals and emotions increasingly frenzied. Which is precisely where it loses me.

the cacophonous fury

The loss is so abrupt, and consistent every time I hear it, and it overwhelms my entire reaction to the song. Admittedly, I don’t love it at any stage, but up until this point I can see its charm and am quite enjoying it. But something about the cacophonous fury it builds to just doesn’t allow me past this point, and any good will I’ve felt is completely obliterated. It’s a strange, and quite visceral response, and one I have to admit seems irrational, but the very essence of irrationality means I just can’t quite work out why.

Well. Voila. There we are then.

My marks: 3 points
Will it qualify? N/A – Big Five