Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 22 – Lithuania

Discotheque by The Roop

Look, I know I’m in the minority here, especially as this is currently 7th in the betting as I write this, but I just don’t get The Roop. Or rather I don’t get the hullabaloo about their songs: I feel I do have the measure of the band. No offence to them, and certainly none to the many of you who clearly somehow find joy in this, but as soon as that hand goes behind the head for the wiggly finger dance then, ugh! I just can’t.

I don’t even know why: I like this marginally better than their song last year which many people felt could have swept up the prize. I can see too that it’s just some perfectly pleasant people having a lark with an upbeat song and a daft dance. But jeez, it annoys the titting crap out of me, it really does.

Perhaps it’s that it all feels a bit deliberately ‘whacky’ – “Hey! Let’s do something crazy, guys!” – and something of that feels a bit contrived. There’s nothing wrong with being a bit silly or being a genuinely leftfield artist, and goodness knows I love many artists who are. But this is not that. I’m glad (for them) they have support from many places, certainly enough to see them easily into Saturday night, and at least I can thank them for providing my loo break once they do.


My marks: 2 points

Will it qualify? Yes

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[…] bracing myself, as The Roop are not my favourite participants. I’ve already written about how I find the ‘craziness’ a little bit forced, so I won’t rehearse that again; let’s focus on what they do bring […]