Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 7 – Croatia

Albina sings for Croatia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest
Albina sings for Croatia at the 2021 Eurovision Song Contest

Tick Tock by Albina

Croatia opted to continue with its revival of the Dora, rather than carry their 2020 entrant into 2021. It delivered an engaging show from which Albina emerged triumphant. She had better luck than in the relationship she’s singing about, though she’s steeling herself to rise up and have the other party begging her to stay.

The video depicts her on a road to nowhere, before stepping through a magic door into a fantasy escape. Her world is suddenly awash with colour as she and various troupes of dancers don a parade of eye-catching outfits and accessories, including four males, topless save for some natty little bolero shoulder pullovers. I’m always a little suspicious when a visual is diverting me away from what’s going on with the song, and when I turn my attention back to that I find that it’s “not much”.

Vocally Albina seems great, and on the basis of the Dora can certainly turn in an engaging performance during her time on stage. But there’s little lingering once she’s finished, and in a fast-moving competition where the next entry is vying for your attention in under a minute it doesn’t feel like there’ll be much to pull a televoter back to this once the lines are opened.

My marks: 7 points

Will it qualify? No

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