Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 8 – Cyprus

El Diablo by Elena Tsagrinou

Let’s hope Elena Tsagrinou is still around to perform this by May and hasn’t been swallowed into the depths of Hades. If the prayers of some Christians are answered, divine intervention will save her from the devil she’s made her pact with. Assuming they are actually praying for her soul and not relishing the idea of her burning in hell, of course. I mean, they’re concerned Christians, right?

All the conservative religious waffle trying to get this song banned has, of course, only served to attract more attention to it. Not that it needed it; this made quite a splash on its debut. I fear she might have unleashed untold hell into popular music. Surely the fact that hot on the heels of this Lil Nas X is stripping for Satan all the way to the top of the hitparade is a clear sign of the Dark Lord in action? Quick, say three Hail Carolas and finger your rosaries.

Song-wise, if you think you’ve heard it all before, then that’s because you have. This feels like it’s made up of some cleverly rearranged notes plucked from Bad Romance era Lady Gaga. That’s no bad thing in my book and I absolutely adore this! It’s the blasphemous banger we need, and if we too have to sell our souls to El Diablo to see the end of this wretched lockdown than frankly it seems a price worth paying. I mean, we all love a bad boy after all, don’t we?

My marks: Douze Points!

Will it qualify? YES

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