Nick’s 2021 Eurovision Countdown – Greece

GREECE – Stefania – Last Dance

I’m immediately as distracted as a guy in an out-of-date meme by seeing the word “ICELAND” straight after this in my Word document, but I’ll do my best.

Anyway, the first thing that has happened is that I’ve seen Stefania riding on a flying horse. So in the aforementioned out-of-date meme, Annoyed Girlfriend is “Writing the Greece review” and Attractive Passer-By is “Looking up the history of the Flying Horse pub in Coronation Street”.

my attention is not being held

I think I’m starting to see my problem here. I’m trying hard to focus on song and singer here – really and truly, Greece, I am, honestly! – but somewhere in all that competent structure and smart songwriting and modern production and genuinely talented singer… my attention is not being held.

Writing this before the running order is announced, there are some nasty memory holes in the second semifinal that Greece could fall down. I’m looking at San Marino, I’m looking at the Czechs, I’m looking at Iceland, I’m looking at the Swiss – or the possibility of joining Estonia or Poland in a supermassive memory black hole. I think we may be relying on the old 2000 and 00s Greek knack for bringing massive surprise on stage you will see!, to stage the hell out of it to get it over the line into a lower mid-table result in the final.

Anyway. I’m writing THIS after the running order is announced, and fourth between the Czechs and Austria is not as bad as it could have been, though still far from ideal.

Meanwhile, mmmm, that’s a good-looking Iceland over there…

Nick’s score: 5/10