Nick’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Israel

Israel – Eden Alene – Set Me Free

I’ve been putting off writing this one.

Is it because I like it so much? Nope.

Is it because it’s terrible? Certainly not.

Is it because I simply can’t find a hook I can use to hang a review on? Well, mayyyyybe…

What Israel have ended up with here is a perfectly competent mini slab of contemporary pop. Little tinges of middle eastern flavours to give it some identity, I have absolutely no concerns about Eden doing it justice on stage. And yet… there’s something about it that provides its own self-contained memory hole.

Mr Olafssen will ask “Which one was Israel?”, in Norwegian.

“The pop song. The one with the girl.”, Mrs Olafssen will reply. Also in Norwegian.

“And the…?”

“Dancers, yes. And stop pointing your bifocals at me like that. You know what happened last time.”

It’s good, but in a tough semifinal it’s potentially not right.

Nick’s score: 6/10