Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 23 – Malta

F**king Excellent…

You want more? I don’t think words can do this song enough justice. It is just classier than almost anything else in this contest for me. Destiny has been primed for this from the moment ‘Not My Soul’ won Junior Eurovision, and her introduction doing the heavy lifting in Tel Aviv for a song that was clearly underpowered for the original singer has stood her in good stead for this crack at the title.

Yes, the song was originally in Melodifestivalen and yes, it’s aiming at all the usual constituencies but, lets face it, good songs and good singers get to the top.

Phil’s Score – If i could declare the contest ended now I would, but 10/10


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3 years ago

One of my favourites this year and it is a good song. That said, it misses a bit of catchiness to make it really memorable. It is a sort of “Toy”, 2021 version, without the brutality of the 2018 Israeli winner.
I have 2 concerns regarding this song. My first concern is TVM, the Maltese broadcaster tends to overblown or overkill the staging, in a way that distract your attention from the song. Well, they need to stay focus on Destiny and the song. My second concern is Destiny herself. There is no doubt she can sing live, but I hope she feels comfortable singing this song.

Otherwise than that, it’s a good song, deserve to be high on the betting odds and will be a deserved winner. To TVM & Destiny – Good luck and don’t fuck it up

3 years ago

I dunno, Mr Phil. I respect your opinion, but something seems false (or trying too hard) for me here. Maybe… just maybe the problem is with the dude in the video who couldn’t fake even remote excitement of being squeezed by the Malta’s next hopeful. I hope they will lose him by the time they land in Amsterdam and find somebody who would look more genuine. This covers Miss Hopeful too