Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 24 of 39 – Moldova

Natalia Gordienko

As a diabetic, I am often quite wary of sugar in all its forms, so when I listen to this song, I have the insulin to my side. In truth, within the first 30 seconds, I need to have my eyes rinsed. Natalia seems to be cavorting in her undies and high heels – not very #metoo, but then again what do you expect from a Kirkorov song?

It’s a terribly early period generic ‘Britney-esque’ song, and not very ground breaking. One thing we can be sure of is that it will do whatever it does to within an inch of its life and, if it fails to get out of the (perceived) weaker second semi final,  Natalia will be dumped by Kirkorov equally as fast as his other minions have been. 

There is a strong possibility it might not get through, as I can count at least seven better songs. ‘Sugar’ will be bottom feeding at best. If it gets through, It’ll have precisely the impact of one feather on this contest. It’s just background music.

Phil’s Score – 4/10.


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3 years ago

My first reaction was that this is fluffy material. I can’t take it seriously but sometimes you need this kind of thing as a distraction. It will make people happy. It will make people smile. It will probably be staged in a way that enhance the silliness of this. Hopefully she can sing this live. It will be a good diversion in the final. The juries will kill it, though


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