Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 30 – Romania


Despite the song being called ‘Amnesia’, it’s not a stretch to tell you that I did actually forget about this song. So much so that even after writing this pithy little review, I can’t actually remember what the song sounds like and that is a very damning indictment.

It just seems like a three-minute monotonic drone by some sort of angsty teenage type telling me about something I long since stopped caring about.

If i’m thinking this after reviewing it, then God knows what Mr and Mrs Olafsson in Lillesand are going to think. ‘Thank you, Next’ is the phrase that readily comes to my mind.

It’s not as dire as Germany or Denmark but for me it’s pretty damn close.

Phil’s Score – 1/10

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3 years ago

Last year’s song was one of my favourites. The combination of a smart word play and a haunting music, just grabbed me. This year it’s a more direct approach for the song. It’s quite a straight forward song. No smart word play and a music is less complex. It has very strong chorus and not so strong verse.On the other hand it lacks anything memorable.

I have to say that I can’t understand half of what she is singing. She is swallowing her words and I had to read the text on, while she was singing, in order to understand what she was singing about. I also have a feeling that the song, in some parts, is not suitable for her voice. Something we will know more when we hear it live