Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 32 of 39 – San Marino


Fucking hell where did this come from?! Baby RAI have been sat in the corner with only Valentina Monetta and the comfort of their seemingly inevitable non-qualification for years, only for Valentina to bugger that up and get to the final. She, and everyone else, was upstaged though by the mighty Sir Hat bungling his way into the hearts of the drunk Semi Final crowd on a Tuesday night, meeting us in Jerusalem on a Wednesday, and singing on a Saturday.

Senhit isn’t going to meet us, she’ll have to sing on a Thursday night but there is no doubt she will be singing on a Saturday and Valentina will be furious.
The rest of us should be, if there’s any justice, dazzled by just how damn good this song is. If Malta says winner because it a natural progression, and Italy screams winner but makes you run away, then this could be the dish of choice. Senhit, who is bonkers by the way, has teamed up with a certain Mr Flo Rida of real music fame but I suspect they’ve never actually met and Flo possibly doesnt know what the contest is, but I don’t care. It’s an uptempo banger of a track that relentlessly screams vote winner down the camera at me and doesn’t make me cringe when Mr Rida starts rapping in a natural break in the song. What worries me more than anything is that it took TEN people to write this and if it takes the crown that trophy is going to have to claim its air miles back. Yes it sounds like something straight outta Melfest but that’s not a shock considering who write it.

Phil’s Score – 10/10

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3 years ago

There is a lot going on in the song. From the oriental beat/sound to the cheap orchestration. There is a rap section. It’s as if there were throwing ideas to the song without a bit of editing. It’s almost too much. This has the signs of a car crash just waiting to happen. After hearing Senhit’s Eurovision covers, I’m still not convinced she can sing this live as her voice is not as strong as the production want me to believe. Inability to sing live + a very busy staging, I think this will get – sound like a hot mess.However, if they get it right, in all sections, it will do very well in the contest.

P.s. – How does the performance going to look like, if Flo Rida doesn’t make it to Rotterdam? His part must be sung live and can’t be pre-recorded and a video link is not an option either. Is there possibility that if he isn’t in Rotterdam, Senhit will need to carry this song of her own, or bring someone else as a substitute, which will make the live rendition sounding completely different from the track as it sounds on the video. All will be revealed by the first rehearsal, which will be on everyone’s agenda. That’s how you create an hype, but hype can be quite dangerous as it can leads to high disappointments.

A lot of question marks with this song, isn’t it?