Phil’s Eurovision Countdown 2021 – Part 35 of 39 – Spain

Blas Cantó
Blas Cantó

Spain at Eurovision often confuses me. Its fans are some of the loudest (and most annoying) in fandom, but they are more often than not disappointed with what TVE serves them.  This time they have had two years to get used to the disappointment, but they are still going to be blindsided. Like they are every year. Blas should be singing something good – he wrote his song, ‘Voy a Quedarme’, during and about his grandma – who sadly passed away from Covid-19 in 2020. As such, it clearly is personal, and has a bit of him in the song – something I always crave when it comes to entries. 

The problem I have is actually believing what he is singing.  Throughout the preview video, he hardly looks at the camera directly, and when he does, it’s always in that coy way that you would expect of someone singing a love song. And whilst this is clearly something akin to a love song, it’s not the right  look for this song. I went back to the Spanish final to see if he connected with me more – but I got left feeling cold and it was the same with Universo last year. He is literally pouring his heart out and yet, frankly, this song makes me not care. He tries to be all dramatic and stuff, but I just get the feel of a boy band member going solo, and not doing a very good job of his first single without his mates, and I shouldn’t feel like that with the subject matter. 

He should look at Spain 1991 if he wants to try and sing a dramatic ballad at Europe and get results. This doesn’t have the power or conviction to get anyone other than Spaniards across Europe voting for it in numbers. It’s finishing nearer the bottom than the top, again, for Spain and, again, they won’t know why.  

Phil’s score – 4/10

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2 years ago

This is a case study of how to take a singer who has a unique voice and throw his chances away with a bland song, which doesn’t do him justice. Bottom 5 and a big chance to finished last.
I understand it is song close to his heart but unfortunately I am not feeling anything from this song and this a not done thing when you are singing in a non-English