Phil’s Eurovision countdown – Part 14 of 39 – Georgia

Tornike Kipiani

The whole feel of this song is a Georgian song for Georgian people. It’s basically a bald beardy man, not looking into the camera and telling not only me, but trees and mountains and other inanimate objects that he wants to be with them!

The honest truth is whilst this tries to be earnest and arty and deep, it sounds more like a three-minute monotonous moan about nothing in particular – and that is a damning indictment about any song. 

It’s just background noise that people aren’t going to remember, and to top it all off, it just ends rather apologetically with no build – just petering out. Just like my patience with this song. 

Phil’s Score – 1/10

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3 years ago

In the last years Georgia send what they like and not what what they think will do well in Eurovision. They should be applaud for that. I am in the Nick camp on this one. It is rather lovely and sincere and there is some intensity in his voice, which makes this quite an interesting song to hear. Last year he was shouting at me, this year he shows a gentle side to himself and I quite like it. Not everyone’s cup of tea and probably won’t pass the semi. That’s really a shame