Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 16 – Germany

Poor old Germany. Despite victory in 2010 the subsequent decade has been a decidedly mixed bag of fortunes. Three top 10 finishes accompanied two last, and two second to last placings. After trying something altogether different by sending the perma-smiling Jendrik in 2021 – only to score zero from the public vote – this year’s offerings in the German national final were decidedly “safe” and very, very beige. No more risk taking here.

The songs were so dull that even the woman singing arguably the most interesting one forgot how it went once she got to the second verse and stumbled around in amused disbelief. With several others failing to put in a good performance the relative competence and undeniable charm of Malik Harris saw this song take the prize.

The song is yet another to add to this year’s line-up of introspection, with Malik musing about better times and the debilitating effect of depression and challenging mental health. He sings and raps his way through his tale of woe. You just want to pick him up and tell him it’ll be alright.

The real star of the night turned out to be Malik’s dad, cheering him on from the audience and so clearly bursting with pride at his son’s achievements. It helped to win the audience over. If Malik can find a way to include him in shot on the night, it could boost his chances. As it is, as charming as he is, there’s not a lot the song alone can achieve.

My marks: 5 points

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