Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 21 – Italy

If ever anybody tries to tell you that nobody does Eurovision at the peak of their careers, then I raise you Mahmood and Blanco. I dream of having a music competition in the UK, especially one so entwined with Eurovision, that has the gravitas of Sanremo. The way current musical director Amadeus has developed and curated the content in recent years is nothing short of spectacular.

This is simply perfection. A song of such intense passion and beauty it takes my breath away when I hear it, and when I see Mahmood and Blanco perform, they have such chemistry. Lyrically this gives me the shivers referenced in the title and has the potential to create a truly magical moment on the home stage. I mean, just IMAGINE the response from the Italian crowd as two of the nations biggest stars shine together.

Mahmood has developed into such a stylish young queer artist, with Blanco adding a rawer edge, in both his approach and his style. If there is any justice in our funny little Eurovision world this will be bringing us right back to Italy in May 2023. And I am so here for it.



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