Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 29 – Norway

Why, grandma. What big… bananas you have! Little Red Riding Hood is given a surrealist intergalactic make over with hungry yellow space wolves in this fun and frivolous entry from Norway. Thank crikey this was there to be chosen as the Norwegian MGP was a chore this time.

Genius in its simplicity Subwoolfer subvert the classic fairy tale, keeping the wolf from the door through the serving up of tropical fruit. With eye-catching choreography, the band are totally committed, performing in wolf masks to keep their much speculated-upon identities secret. Because the novelty of wearing those masks isn’t going to wear off by the second rehearsals…

I like this. It feels in the vein of songs like The Tamperer and Maya’s Feel It which takes a playful idea from the moment Dorothy’s house drops on the Wicked Witch of the East in The Wizard of Oz and makes a dance track that sounds initially bizarre but is endearing in all its nonsense.

With little great up-tempo competition and a sea of serious ballads surrounding it this stands out a mile and is certain to capture the imagination of many viewers. It’s likely to divide opinion too, but as long as there’s votes from those who love it, that’s never a bad thing in this competition.

My marks: 10 points