Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 35 – Slovenia

Oh LPS, you little trendy hipster scamps you! This Slovenian band met at school and seem barely old enough to be out of it, never mind be in the titular Disko of their song. Do their mothers know that they’re out?

In a curious moment the whole thing goes meta as the band reference being out in the danceteria where they themselves are playing and recant the sorry story of the singer being dumped as his girlfriend gets off with another man while he croons. What a cow, eh? The second video depicts this in comic strip form as she heads off with man after man leaving our poor protagonist bereft. Skulking round after her, the tale runs dangerously close to painting him as a bit of a stalker. Let her go, mate. She ain’t worth it.

Resigning himself to his fate he topples accidentally backwards off a bridge into water, soon to be found swimming against a tide of minnows and clichés with the realisation that there are indeed plenty more fish in the sea. As the video closes, he’s finally delivered back ashore to a new love interest.

Musically it’s delivered with a quirk, emulating the easy-listening genre whilst adding a bit of jazz, but it’s any real pizzazz that’s missing. There may be an attempt at charm here, but I’ve had to study the lyrics to understand the story, and it’s not at all apparent when they play is as a standard band line up, which seems hard for them to avoid on stage. If they do go for a more storytelling approach, I’m all here for our first look at it, but as it is I’m struggling to see it through.

My marks: 5 points