Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 4 – Austria

DJ LUM!X teams up with vocalist Pia Maria (not to be confused with the popular coffee liqueur) to deliver a welcome upbeat entry from Austria. Pia offers herself up selflessy to be our metaphorical halo, a guiding light to better times and enlightenment. It’s not the spiritual kind, but rather the personal as the pair beckon us to embrace our possibilities. We can be anything we like, we’re the masters and mistresses of our own destiny.

Along the way they name check Medusa, Socrates, and Hercules: impressive role models. The video features some lavish 18th Century cosplay in a stately property, and a hint of queer liberation.  More curiously they invite us to be CEOs. Coincidentally I already am and let me just say that my days in the office aren’t characterised by flouncing around rococo buildings in a crinoline hoop. More’s the pity.

I like the theme of personal liberation, and after two years which they nail perfectly as having been through hell and back the light relief is welcome. The trouble is, it’s perhaps a little too light. The song will be a filler on Eurovision dancefloors rather than the main attraction; less than the command to attend a vital briefing by a senior CEO, it’s more like a routine line management meeting you could find an easy excuse to get out of.

My marks: 6 points

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