Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 8 – Croatia

We all know the type. The one you just can’t shake out of your head when they pop up begging you to drop everything and hop into bed with them. The bit on the side that flirts with temptation, posits wild, unattainable fantasies to run away to a new life together, but ultimately offers risk rather than stability. Mia’s as tempted as the rest of us, despite seemingly being in a devoted relationship. She’s conflicted between the life-long commitment and the frisson that will feed her hunger for more.

I love that this song broaches this taboo, and goodness can’t we all relate? The theme is illustrated by a gymnastic specimen who croups his creels in all directions defying gravity in a range of athletic contortions. It’s no wonder Mia’s got her knickers in a twist.

The song is one of the most melodic of the Contest for me, it has an engaging cadence which evokes the circular dilemma central to the song’s theme. If there’s a dark horse lurking in the 2022 shadows it could be this – not to win, but to sneak a top 10 finish.