Monty’s Eurovision Countdown Part 9 – Cyprus

In Greek mythology Andromache is the fighter of men. Our latterday Greek warrior, representing Cyprus, has no men in sight in her video, but through her siren song longs for a lover (gender unspecified) to free her from the languor and ennui of her lazy, aimless days. She’s accompanied by a group of female friends who seem to be from well to do backgrounds, dressing one another, brushing hair and seemingly trapped by the conventions of their class.

The women escape into nature, walking through the woods, sitting by ponds and plunging into the crisp cool waters in their dresses. On the surface it looks like a blissful, carefree and privileged existence but there’s a hint of darkness bubbling under the surface. The scene reminds me of the sinister Picnic At Hanging Rock, and there’s a nod to Waterhouse’s painting of the Lady of Shallot as Andromache sits in a boat.

The song is a light pop track with a distinctively Greek flavour that will appeal to anyone who loves this Hellenic sound, which I do. It feels like a determined move away from the Fuego-like tracks that have become synonymous with Cypriot entries since Eleni Foureira’s stomping second place, which feels like a sensible decision to avoid playing to type. With Anromache already known to Greek viewers from The Voice Of Greece the traditional exchange of points is guaranteed, but as pretty as this is she may have to fight for them from anywhere else as this is maybe just a little too gentle to really stand out.

My marks: 7 points