Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 1 – Albania

Sekret – Ronela Hakati

After a big dramatic start and a bit of ethnic pipe playing, this settles into its groove – and it’s one that Eurovision has heard many times before.

I reckon Ronela could kick seven shades of shite out of anyone. She looks proper nails. That said, she gives a rather flat-toned performance over a basic backing track that runs out of ideas way before the two-minute mark. With a variety of mad haircuts, Ronela trots around like a pub landlady that’s been nudging the gin a bit too much.

After a run of credible rock-influenced entries, Albania has decided to take a different path to Eurovision and I can’t see this one going anywhere.

Mo’s Score – 0 Points

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2 years ago

It is possible that the televoters may notice this performance amongst a sea of ballads.