Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 11 – Denmark

Reddi – The Show

If you like your Bangles ever-so-slightly Danish and ever-so-slightly out of tune, this is for you.

Three things in life are certain – death, taxes and Denmark entering songs that sound to have come from the same bargain bin master tape for ‘Now that’s what I call mediocre, Volume 17’.

A wailing and unappealing intro leads into a mumbled and utterly lifeless slice of bland Eurovision pie. I’m not sure if the mix is to blame, but the backing vocals are way too low in this video – and that’s a particular shame if your lead singer isn’t note perfect.

Overall, this had an air of college band trying out for the big time on a reality show and being told to consider a career in arc welding.

Mo’s Score – 0 Points

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