Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 16 – Germany

Malik Harris – Rockstars

It’s a nice enough song, performed by someone who (thankfully) doesn’t have one of those dreadful talent show voices. Even if he does have a habit of honking out his vowels. There’s rap – and it works, although by the end Malik has the vibe of someone who’s been on hold to the council for half an hour and is going nowhere until someone explains why his bins weren’t emptied.

At the German National Final, Harris mime-played multiple instruments and I think that might be his ‘thing’ – to stress this is a genuine musician on stage before us. Given the completion he faced on the night, viewers made the best of what was on offer. This year, more than any other, I got the same sort of vibe from Germany that I was always getting from the UK in the darkest ‘You Decide’ years. Something needs to change.

Ultimately, ‘Rockstars’ is relentlessly not-terrible, with a laser-like focus on being entirely forgettable. A testament to the art of “Will that do?”

Mo’s Score.  5 Points

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2 years ago

A contender for the prestigious last place spot that the UK usually occupies