Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 29 – Norway

Subwolfer – Give that Wolf a Banana

This almost didn’t make it thanks to Covid – they had to give up their MGP heat place. But wellness intervened and Covid’s loss is our gain – sort of, I suppose.

First up, I have to say this is ‘Eurovision in a bottle’. It’s like every element of what people (who know bugger all about how the Contest has evolved) think makes for a winning song. Lyrically it’s dreadful – so the jury vote isn’t likely to stun. It’s like the nonsense words sung to a backing track as a ‘holding lyric’ until decent ones can be thrown together.

As for Jim and Keith – they come across as one of those bands you can’t actually imagine listening to music in their spare time.

For all this vitriol, I can’t deny it’s well produced and while wolves might be a gimmick too far, the song itself is well put-together and nicely structured – plus it’s memorable.

Obviously, this is one of the songs that will get media attention – albeit in the ‘Eurovision is bonkers’ bracket. Televoters will surely adore the song – although on Tuesday night, it’s sandwiched  between early fave Greece and happy clappy Armenia – it would stand out more if surrounded by dreary ballads (and there are plenty of those to go around this year).

The only thing that could be its downfall is giving in to the temptation to take this joke one step too far.

Mo’s Score – 7 Points

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