Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 33 – San Marino

Achille Lauro – Stripper

Most years, Eurovision features songs ‘influenced’ by the previous winning entry. Doesn’t seem to matter that rarely have soundalikes won successive Contests. This time around, San Marino is taking the local bus over to Turin with a song that sounds like en enormous bag of scrag-end offcuts from ‘Zitti e buoni’.

Among the assorted meats and cheeses on offer here, Achille sneers his way through a bunch of phrase book expressions over what does indeed sound horribly like the backing track from a song made famous by notorious paedophile Gary Glitter. And that’s not an association anyone cares to have.

It’s a ‘feminist anthem’ so I’ve heard, about being yourself no matter what. And Achille certainly does that. He’s produced some stonkingly good songs that haven’t made the final cut of Sanremo, but this is most certainly not one.

The combined effect looks and sounds like an advert for an 0898 premium phone service where you get to speak to somebody off their chump for 49p a minute.


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