Mo’s Eurovision Countdown 2022 – Part 38 – Switzerland

Marius Bear – Boys Do Cry

Marius lumbers around in this video looking and sounding like a pissed bloke who’s forgot his glasses trying to buy a lottery ticket.

In his baggy pants, with badly highlighted hair and a wasp-sucking smile … well, let’s be honest, if he turned up to babysit, you’d stay in.

If you recall Victoria (from Rotterdam), you’ve pretty much heard this song already. It’s a lullaby with heavy orchestration. There’s the threat of something bigger about to happen, but it never quite gets there. Instead Maurius ends up acting like a recently divorced-father-of-three convincing a barmaid to come back to the bedsit he’s lived in since the wife chucked him out.

Switzerland was always a member of the ‘not sure they get it’ club at Eurovision. Along with Finland, Austria and Portugal, they sent no-hoper after no-hoper until they won. The Swiss have yet to shoot and score victory in recent years, and my take on things is that they’re already heading back into their old ways.

Mo’s Score – 5 Points

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